Czech Association of Consulting Engineers
The Czech Association of Consulting Engineers was established in 1991, at a time when the market for consulting engineering work was beginning to form, and when the structure began to be established of the current profile of the consulting engineering profession in the Czech Republic. The separation of large design institutes and highly specialised institutes gave rise to independent multidisciplinary design offices, studios and companies, which were gradually privatised in the first half of the 1990s. The primary aim of the CACE was to establish contacts with European and global consultation structures and try to gain experience and rules from them for assigning and processing projects, methods of selection and evaluation of consultants, assessment of their qualifications, ethical rules etc. and to gradually become involved in these international activities. In 1992 CACE was accepted in FIDIC as an ordinary member, and it was accepted as an ordinary member of EFCA in 1998. At present, more than 50 member consulting engineering firms of various sizes and professional focus are members of CACE, and it represents the profession of consulting engineers in the Czech Republic in dealings with international organisations.
Secretariat Prague
Veleslavínská 39/48
162 00 Praha 6
☏+420 604 237 681

Secretariat Ostrava
Havlíčkovo nábřeží 38
702 00 Ostrava
☏+420 597 464 124
☏+420 597 464 222

Business address
Havlíčkovo nábřeží 38
702 00 Ostrava
IČ 48547964
DIČ CZ48547964

president CACE
Ing. Martin Zuštík
☏+420 597 464 200
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