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In 1997, from the initiative of the Czech and Hungarian association, within the framework of EFCA, a coordination group was established of representatives of associations from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC = Central and Eastern European Countries) which meets and debates regularly once a year in the autumn, most recently upon the occasion of the EFCA D&S Meeting (discussions of directors and secretaries of the member associations of EFCA). The coordination group of CEEC is not an official subject of EFCA, but its aim was and is primarily the sharing of information and experience of associations from countries with highly similar economic, social and professional conditions in Europe, the sharing of information before the accession of our countries to the EU, and now after membership has started. The very highest representatives of FIDIC and EFCA regularly participate in the Coordination meetings of the CEEC.
The members of the coordination group of the CEEC are:

In 1999 - 2002, the representative of CEEC on the BoD of EFCA was Mr Joszef Ehn (AHCEA), from 2002 to 2005 it was Mr Martin Zustik (CACE), and since 2005 it has been Mr Andrzej Michalowski (SIDiR). These representatives are representatives of the associations of our region on the BoD of EFCA and transfer mutually necessary information. The costs associated with this activity are paid in equal part by all members of the coordination group. In the course of joint operation, deep personal and working relationships have been created between the representatives, and within EFCA we are perceived as an important and coordinated group of members.
In 2004, as a result of the initiative of Ing. Martin Zustik, a joint plan of action for EFCA and CEEC was presented called "4 + 4". It involves 4 concrete tasks of our group CEEC and 4 tasks of EFCA which should contribute to the increased visibility of our associations in Europe with the support of the EFCA federation. Specifically, it involves, for instance, greater involvement of our representatives in the activities of the EFCA committees, the organisation of a CEEC presentation in Brussels, the creation of CEEC web pages for better sharing of information etc.
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